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The Blessing Ceremony

Memorial Red Rose

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the magic

The blessing ceremony started on June 25th, 2019.  It was the 10th year since his devastating loss in 2009 and I wanted to do something special for the fan community.    

I had personally always felt strong energy whenever I had visited forest lawn in the past and I wanted to share this energy with those who had supported the creation of my first ever batch of bracelets.  it was a life-changing event.

as I sat in front of the doors, closed my eyes, and made my mind still, I prayed over the bracelets.  my wish was every person who wore these bracelets would feel closer to Michael and to each other.  my intention was to extend the energy I felt to those who loved Michael and wore these special bracelets. 

my heartfelt that there are so many fans around the world that haven't visited forest lawn, and I hoped they could somehow feel the love and calmness that is all around this spiritual space.

this blessing practice continues to this day, both at forest lawn and neverland, and fans around the world share with me often how connected they feel to Michael and the calmness that carries them throughout the day.

this practice is exceptionally fulfilling and a special event unique to mjgivingtree.

Please join me on my next visit and perhaps join me one-on-one to experience an intimate blessing of magic.

Neverland blessing

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